Vemico LP-E6 Battery Charger Set for Canon DSLR

Cheaper than OEM Canon LP-E6 Batteries

The Vemico LP-E6 Battery Charger Set includes two Canon DSLR compatiable batteries and a USB Type-C charger for $29.99 on Amazon.

These Vemico LP-E6 batteries have a 2100 mAh power capacity, using ithium ion technology for longer battery life with no memory effect.

The battery charger has a LCD power readout and features fast-charging, with dual slots to charge two batteries indepentdently at once, via a Type-C power source.

According to Vemico, their charger provides short-circuit protection, with its automatic low-charging system, which prevents battery overcharging.

Compatiable with these Canon EOS cameras:

  • 5D Mark IV

  • 5D Mark III

  • 5DS R

  • 5D Mark II

  • 6D

  • 7D Mark II

  • 7D

  • 80D

  • 70D

  • 60D

  • 60Da

  • XC10

Included in the Box

  • 2 x Vemico Canon LP-E6 replacement battery

  • 1 x LCD dual battery charger

  • 1 x Type-C cable

  • 2 x independent battery box

  • 1 x black protection box

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