UberEats Delivery Service Pays Out Big Earnings to Drivers

UberEats Expected Earnings

As a delivery courier for UberEats, you can expect at least minimum wage plus twenty-percent in earnings, not including tips.

With the extension of the current Covid-19 pandemic with new variants like Delta and Omnicron, people are still choosing to have their food delivered to them from the connivence of their homes.

With a projected $30 billion of food delivery revenue in the US for 2022, the market for UberEats is substantial.

Drive at Your Convenience

As a food courier for UberEats, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with their service. I can begin delivering food at anytime and anywhere, not limited to certain areas like DoorDash.

Only drive when it works for you. There’s no office and no boss. That means you’ll always start and stop on your time—because with the Uber app, you’re in charge.


The only issue I have with the app is the built-in map, it can sometimes lead you to the wrong address, so I tend to use Google Maps in addition to make sure I have the fastest route.

With UberEats , I average $10+/delivery in North San Diego County; depending upon the area, the earnings may be less or more.

UberEats Pro

In addition to earnings, UberEats has other incentives such as 100% tuition coverage for online programs at Arizona State University, discounted car maintenance through CarAdvise, and 5% cash back with an Uber debit card.

The Uber Driver app is free to download and available in the Apple and Google Play store.

Sign Up and Earn Today

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