Tips for Getting More Referrals for Your Business

Tips for Getting More Referrals for Your Business

To grow your small business, you have to drive awareness and visibility through marketing. While there are many forms of marketing, referral marketing is arguably one of the most powerful drivers of sales. Businesses that are smart enough to take advantage of referrals get to benefit from its numerous positive effects, including higher overall sales and reduced marketing costs.   

Referrals indicate credibility and trustworthiness of a business. This is why up to 92% of consumers base their shopping decisions on them. Unfortunately, many small businesses struggle to generate referrals consistently and lose out on potential revenue. Fortunately, there is a science behind encouraging regular referrals. Here’s how you get more referrals for your business:   

  1. Facilitate referrals

It may seem like a no-brainer but most businesses miss out on referrals since their clients are not even aware that they are looking for them. Your customers need to know that your business is open to referrals. A few strategies you can use include:

  • Mention your interest in referrals on your email signature
  • Ask for referrals in the transactional emails to your customers
  • Include information about referrals on personalized greeting cards to customers and your business card

To avoid looking desperate by asking for referrals in every correspondence, you should provide a fillable form or template that your client can fill and send to his/her contacts.  

  1. Earn your customer’s loyalty

If you want your customers to rave about your business to their friends, you have to delight them. You must earn their loyalty by going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. When your business becomes an indispensable resource to them, they will naturally refer it to their networks through word of mouth or on social media

Besides offering shareable experiences, you can also earn your customer’s loyalty by showing them you value and respect them. It could be by doing something as simple as recognizing them on a special section of your website or regularly tweeting their names.  

  1. Offering a rewards program 

For the most part, referral marketing is free. Your clients go out of their way to market your business with no direct compensation except a warm fuzzy feeling. Such an arrangement only works until your clients get busy with their lives and forget about sending referrals. You need to give your customers incentives for their loyalty.

A rewards program can effectively turn your clients into referral machines since it gives them something to strive towards. This program could offer discounts, points, or free items. Choose a reward that suits your business and fits your values.   

  1. Take advantage of Cross-promotion

Combine efforts with other businesses offering complementary services to cross-promote your products and services. This will give your business more visibility. You can set up a “Recommendations” page on your website outlining your partners and the services they offer.

To get the best out of such a partnership, offer discounted packages to referral clients on your respective businesses. This will allow your clients to get everything they need in one place.

  1. Use clear and transparent billing practices

A clear and transparent billing process is critical to the reputation and financial success of your business. Customers are more likely to recommend your business if they trust your billing practices.

Grow your consulting business with this accounting software. QuickBooks Online Advanced can automate the calculation of both your clients’ bills and your (or your employees’) billable hours. A smart online invoicing feature helps you save time in repetitive invoicing tasks, as well as keep business-client conflict at bay, by auto-generating transparent bills. You can also make use of the customizable dashboard to pay closer attention to your main money-makers and better identify ways to cut back on expenses.


Everybody wins in referral marketing. Your business gets free marketing, your customer receives social validation for recommending an amazing product, and his/her friend gets a trusted recommendation. Unfortunately, this situation does not happen often enough for many small businesses. Customers typically forget to refer their friends to your business despite having an incredible experience. So use the tips highlighted above to deliberately influence your customers to tell their friends about your business.  

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