Livestream Directly to YouTube with ProPresenter 7.1 Update

Livestream and Record Your Church Service Simultaneously

Renewed Vision, makers of well-known presentation software, ProPresenter, has made it easier-than-ever to livestream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and custom RTMP destinations with its recent updates.

This livestream update, available as of May 28, 2020, was said to be in the works by Renewed Vision for awhile, but the COVID-19 epidemic expedited this welcomed feature.

Drawing upon many of the extra modules of ProPresenter, ProPresenter 7 natively includes NDI, SDI, and multi-ouput screens with no extra cost!

“While we’ve been planning to introduce Live Streaming to ProPresenter for some time, we knew that we wanted to get this functionality out as soon as possible to assist with the setups that could make use of these new features1.”

Renewed Vision

In addition to live-streaming capabilities, ProPresenter 7.1 can now simultaneously record to the computer’s storage; providing a program feed back-up for your live-streamed production.

One of the problems this update solves is superimposing text upon a video source, a function usually reserved for complex keying software and expensive hardware devices.

Renewed Vision ProPresenter 7 Presentation and Production Application for Live Events, Mac and Windows, House of Worship Single Seat License

To add text over the video source, connect your camera to an external video capture device or via NDI, and select the source under the, ‘Video Input,’ tab to show in the canvas screen.

Renewed Vision claims that the newest software release allows multi-cam switching, albeit without a preview screen to see what camera you’re switching to next.

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