May 23, 2022 Stock Picks For Large Gains

Slight Uptrend in Stocks, Even with Negative News

This year has had some big downturns with the political and social unrest domestically and abroad wrecking havoc on the stock market.

It seems as though the market is exiting a slight bear market with some stocks beginning to rebound.

Investor’s Business Daily analysts claim that three out of four stocks will see some type of downtrend in the market, this provides buyers lower entry prices for certain commodities.

But as the bear market continues to play out, investors should focus on two key objectives. First, stay protected by learning when to sell stocks to cut losses and capture profits. Second, prepare to profit when the market turns around.

Investor’s Business Daily

Penny Stocks to Watch

A few “penny stocks” that are hot on the market right now are ticker symbols $RDBX, $GOVX, and $MKND. These tickers in particular have shown a lot of volatility and volume, some low-float stocks.

$RDBX, Redbox Entertainment Inc.

$RDBX has shown a lot of movement within the last week upwards, after news about Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc. acquired Redbox Entertainment Inc. threw $RDBX into a panic sell.

Market cap 261.89M
Average volume 18.69M
High today $7.17
Low today $5.07
Open price $5.07
Volume 46.93M

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$GOVX, GeoVax Labs Inc.

$GOVX, a vaccine play has seen a rise in value as news of MonkeyPox has infected at least two individuals in the United States.

Market cap 21.92M
Average volume 3.79M
High today $2.85
Low today $1.65
Open price $2.00
Volume 165.77M

$MKND, MannKind Corporation

$MKND, another biotech company saw a 22% increase in shares as the FDA approved their drug, Tyvaso DPI, to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Market cap 1.05B
Average volume 5.61M
High today $4.77
Low today $3.57
Open price $3.73
Volume 25.42M

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These writings reflect my own opinions are not financial advise. Trading involves risk.

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