Panasonic ‘LUMIX Tether For Streaming (BETA)’ Software Released

LUMIX Tether for Streaming (Beta), Opens Live-View Protocol for Livestream Applications

On June 8, 2020, Panasonic announced their newest software release available for select LUMIX cameras, ‘LUMIX Tether for Streaming (Beta),’ enabling live-streaming via USB cable to a Windows PC.

Following suite with Canon’s ‘Webcam Utility Beta’ software, Panasonic has joined the growing livestream landscape with ‘LUMIX for Streaming’ which, “Is designed to offer convenience in the fast-growing self-streaming market.”

Improving upon Panasonic’s ‘Lumix Tether,’ ‘LUMIX Tether for Streaming’ adds more video-centric controls, “Users can choose to show or hide these graphic items during USB tethering according to the usage purpose1.”




Live-view mode in streaming beta allows the external camera to be recognized by streaming softwares such as OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and Wirecast.

Windows computer requirements for running LUMIX Tether for Streaming include Windows 10 (32/64bit), Intel CPU 1 GHz or higher, 1GB ram (32bit) and 2GB or more (64bit), 200 MB of free installation space, and USB 3.0/3.1 interface.

Compatible models with software according to Panasonic’s website include the LUMIX DC-GH5, DC-G9, DC-GH5S, DC-S1, DC-S1R, and DC-S1H.

‘LUMIX Tether for Streaming’ is available for download here.

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