How To Make Money With DoorDash Fast!

Steps to Become A Successful Delivery Driver

Do you want to make extra money to pay your bills or need a side hustle?

Consider signing up for DoorDash, the app-based food-delivery system available to anyone with a smartphone.

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In the world of gig economy delivery services, DoorDash ($DASH) is king, with a recorded 55% share of U.S. delivery sales in December 2020, according to Second Measure.

Having worked both DoorDash and Postmates for delivery, I can assure you that DoorDash is a much better and more profitable platform.

Average $10+ per a delivery!

1. Location

Choosing a good starting location will affect how much you get paid and the amount of available deliveries in your area.

If you are new to DoorDash, it may take awhile to figure out which areas are more profitable, so I recommend starting in your city of residence.

The reason to start from home, is the milage you accrue while dashing is tax-deductible, whereas the milage driving to a potential hotspot outside of your location is not tax deductible.

2. Peak Pay

DoorDash usually pays $4 or more during peak pay on top of the base price and tip for a delivery. Peak pay is during times of expected high-volume, such as the weekend or holidays, with varying times, usually 4:30 – 9:00 p.m.

The best way to gurantee a slot during peak pay is to schedule a shift for peak pay in advance within the Dasher app.

3. Multiple Orders

The Dasher app may offer you a batch order for multiple orders for a single delivery. DoorDash claims that batched orders will increase earnings and usually occur during peak hours,

“Batched orders allow Dashers to quickly complete two or more orders in less time than usual. Often, batched orders will be picked up at the same restaurant–which increases a Dasher’s earnings and efficiency.” –DoorDash

You can expect significantly more money while doing batched orders since it consolidates driving time and distance.

The only thing to be aware of though, is when picking orders from multiple restaurants, you may find yourself waiting around for it to be prepared.

To accept a batch order, click the button that says, ‘Add Order to Route,’ within the app.

4. Hot Spots

Certain areas will show hotspots where there are a lot of orders available. In order to benefit from a hotspot, you will need to drive near the closest hotspot, and wait for an order. Hot spots will usually have oppurtunities for multiple orders, further increasing your profitability. If there are no hotspots near you, try driving to another area and dashing there.

5. Acceptance Rate

My recommendation is to not accept every order you get, because sometimes the order distance is too far or pay is too low.

I read somewhere to not accept any order that pays less than a dollar per mile; for example, if the order is fifteen miles, then the total pay should be at least $15.

This is a good rule of thumb, but is not a hard and fast rule, since pay per mile varies.

Your acceptance rating will go down for declining orders, but it does not affect your ability to Dash.

Remember To Log Your Miles

Tax season is upon us at the time of writing this article, and it is important to deduct your milage from Dashing.

In order to receive your full tax deduction of $.58/mile, you will need to have documented miles from the previous year.

If you did not record your milage, you can still recieve a pre-determined deduction for while you worked for DoorDash.

I suggest using Stride to track miles, since it is free and recommended by DoorDash.

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