Edelkrone Wing Slider, Slides Up-To 4X Its Length

Effortless, Smooth Camera Movement

The Edelkrone Wing and Wing Pro Slider is a camera slider that can travel four-times its length, perfect for travel, fitting in a backpack or small bag.

Veering from the traditional rail or track design, the Wing Slider’s innovative fluid-dampended adjustment is smooth and consistent.

Unique to its design, the Wing/Wing Pro Slider retracts and extends to 1.3 ft./0.4 m and has a payload limit of 16/48 pounds.

“(The Wing is a) rail-less portable slider that gives camera motion 4 times its size. No batteries or chargers required; a completely mechanical solution thanks to the unique SteadyMOVE technology.”



Using “SteadyMOVE” technology, the friction can be adjusted with a knob to increase or decrease tension while moving the slider.

A camera can be attached to the Wing Slider with its 1/4″-20 screw, and attaches to a tripod via its 3/8″-16 threaded mount.

Contstructed using double-coated, CNC Machined aluminum, the Wing Slider is a heavy-duty slider, built to last years.


Priced at US $399/$599 retail, the Wing and Wing Pro Slider can be purchased from various camera retailers and online stores such as Amazon.com or B&H Photo Video.

A 10% off coupon for the Wing and Wing Pro Slider is available at B&H Photo Video, bringing the pre-tax prices to $359.10 and $539.10, respectively.

Imitation units such as the PROAIM Sway Extendable Video slider can be purchased on Amazon for $141, but I doubt the quality of craftsmenship compared to Edelkrone.

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