BondCable Aims to Eliminate Messy, Tangled Charging Cables

‘A Clever Cable That Bonds onto Itself When Coiled,’ according to CleverThings

The CleverThings brand, brain-child of Singapore and Norway-based design studio, ‘Design Insight,’ launched their first Kickstarter campaign for their inaugural product, BondCable on June 16, 2020.

BondCable, a flexible, self-bonding USB charging cable designed to eliminate messy cables, and was fully-funded within a day on Kickstarter.

What’s unique about the Bond Cable is it’s groove design interlocks with itself, requiring no faster to keep it in place.


The BondCable is designed to last, and has been exposed to a series of, ‘Weighted Bending Tests (1.1 lb / 500 g, 120° for 10,000 cycles) and Plug-unplug Tests (10,000 times) without any failures’ (1).

BondCable features (1):

  • Bonds to itself when coiled, stays in a bundle with one simple action!

  • No additional cable ties and fancy fasteners needed to keep it tidy and tangle free.

  • Unique cable profile prevents excessive twisting and stress when flexed, making it extremely durable and long-lasting.

  • Longer than standard cables (4ft. / 1.2m) (up to 4.4lb / 2kg weight intake)

  • Supports fast charging and smooth data transfer

  • MFi certified and produced by Apple-certified manufacturers

Check out the BondCable KickStarter campaign, which is promising a product release in October of 2020.

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