Atomos HDMI streaming Possible with new ‘Connect’ USB Device

‘Connect’ Your Camera to Your PC

Australian-based technology giant, Atomos, has designed the, ‘Connect,’ a USB capture device to be used with their monitors or cameras for streaming to popular sites, like YouTube – all for only $79 USD!

Available for pre-order, the Connect by Atomos looks similar to Elgato’s Cam Link 4K, with a limited streaming resolution of 1080 60p, compared to the Cam Link 4K’s 4K 30p resolution.

“Simple to use, it has universal support from popular streaming platforms and at only $79USD is an affordable way for gamers, vloggers and education facilities to up their streaming game using the professional Atomos monitor-recorder ecosystem.” -Atomos

Apart from the resolution difference, the Connect is a much better deal than the Cam Link 4K, since the Cam Link 4K is running for $129.99 with price-gouging upwards of $300 or more on Amazon.



When paired with Atomos’ Shogun7, a professional touchscreen monitor/recorder, live multi-cam switched productions are effortless and low-cost.

The Connect require no drivers, plug-ins, or power and is compatible with Mac or PCs.